What Items are Suitable for Long-Term Self Storage

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Whether you’ve got to move to another country for a few months for work or for any personal reasons (not permanently, though), the stress of finding a suitable storage facility is real. There are plenty of storage facilities across Australia where you can store your belongings short or long-term without worrying about safety and security.


You just can’t sell all your stuff away, especially if you’re planning to return to your city. You can’t even let all your stuff sit in the house you’re currently living in if it’s rented. The only option you’ve got is to find a long-term storage facility that can accommodate your belongings.


However, you can’t store everything in a long-term storage facility because not everything has got a long-term shelf storage life. You must familiarise yourself with what items are suitable for long-term shelf storage before you finalise everything. This blog post lists down some of the items that you can consider storing in a long-term storage facility.



You can store electronics like your TV, washing machine, portable heaters, and air coolers, computers, and other portable items that you plan on installing in your home upon your return. These items have got a long-term shelf storage life. They won’t get damaged or lose their functionality or efficiency during storage. Whenever you set them up again, you’ll find them just the way you left – working at their full efficiency.



You can move all your furniture to a long-term storage facility and rest assured that it won’t get damaged. You just have got to make sure you’re choosing the right storage facility where there’s no water leakage or pest infestation that could possibly damage your furniture. In fact, if you’ve got any furniture that can be dismantled for storage, storing them on long-term storage shelves at a storage facility is going to cost you even less as you won’t need to rent out an entire storage unit for full-size furniture.



Books are also suitable for long-term shelf storage. Some people have got an extensive collection of books that they don’t want to give away. Others may have a collection of books related to their profession that they might need in the future. If you’ve got a ton load of books in your home that you’re about to move out from, you can look for a long-term storage facility to store your books till you return.


Gym Equipment

Whether you have a small home gym where you work out regularly or a full-fledged commercial gym on your property that you’ve got to close because you’re moving away, you don’t have to sell your gym equipment or pass it on to someone. You can always choose to store your expensive gym equipment in a long-term storage facility and retrieve it any time you want.


Other items that are suitable for long-term shelf storage include wine, musical instruments, home décor items, artwork, and etc. All you’ve got to make sure is that you’re choosing a reliable storage facility where you can be sure your belongings will be safe and sound. We, at Betta Self Storage, make sure all your stored items are well taken care of.